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Every Business Has One Common Challenge.
How To Grow Sales.

Saleslogy has the solution to your challenge. We deploy multi-channel marketing strategies to connect local businesses with prospects in their neighborhood.

Saleslogy helps local small businesses to grow their sales by
connecting with local potential customers.
More Customers = More Sales
Leads Generation

Looking for leads? We can help. We generate leads for you so that you can connect & close the deal.

PPC Marketing

Being a Google Certified Agency, let Saleslogy manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing campaigns for you.

Coupon Marketing

We connect local businesses with buyers very effectively via digital online & offline coupons. 

Website Designing

We design custom responsive website for your business that makes it easy for your local customers to find you.

App Designing

We design custom apps for your business that makes it easy for your local customers to connect.

Buy Web Traffic

Got a stunning website but no traffic? Saleslogy can help you generate traffic to your website in a very cost effective manner.

Landing Pages

We will design a custom landing page based on your requirement for optimal conversion & leads generation.

Marketing Automation

Let us design your marketing automation so you can capture, nurture and convert your leads into customers & revenue.

Managed Marketing

No time for marketing? No worries, we can manage your online marketing campaigns.

Let us help you to grow.


Your online reputation is everything. Find out how we can help you to build, & defend your online reputation.

Display Advertising

Reach your local customers using our display advertising platform starting as low as $2.

Online Payments

Stop overpaying in credit card fees to Shopify, Square, Weebly etc & Let us save you upto 40%.

Wondering How Your Website Is Performing In Search Engine?
Check the health of your website for free!

What Do We Do?

You Are Here Because What We Did, Worked.

Online Marketing.

Saleslogy is an online digital marketing agency that connects small local businesses with local potential customers. Our team of marketing experts design specific marketing campaigns based on your needs and requirements. Our goal is to provide a result-oriented experience. Our ultimate goal is to help small local business to get more traffic that could translate into higher sales & conversion.


Click below to learn what we can do for your business.

Check Out Why Our Clients

Love Us!

So, How Do We Help Local Businesses To Grow Their Sales?
Here is The Process.

Marketing & sales is a process. By defining a right goal, by designing a right strategy and by executing the well-planned marketing game plan can help a business to get connected with more prospects.


At Salesogy, our goal is to connect local prospects with local businesses. We believe that more prospects you connect with, higher the probability of closing more deals. Closing more deals mean higher sales & revenue.


This is how it works.

We Design Your Website
Landing Pages & Custom App.

Your business needs well-designed & well-planned websites, landing pages & apps to attract more leads and conversions.

Creating User engagement is the way to make prospects take action.

We Promote You Online To Get You Web Traffic & Leads.

Having a well-designed website is not enough. We research, design and execute marketing campaigns such as Pay Per Click, Display Advertising & more to generate traffic & leads.

We Automate Marketing, Collect Reviews & Optimize.

In order to make your sales process more efficient, we can run marketing automation campaigns. We can perform online review monitoring & optimize your business better online presence.

By deploying various marketing strategies offered at Saleslogy, a small business should be able to close more deals and could achieve an increase in sales.
Why Saleslogy?

We are an online local business marketing agency that is focused on helping small businesses to grow their sales. All of our services are targeted to solve the day-to-day problems faced by local small businesses.

Dedicated Account Manager.

Targeted Marketing Approach.

Performance marketing agency.

Access To Personal Marketing Dashboard.

We Offer Fast Turnaround. We Are Agile & Result Oriented.

No Contract. Cancel Anytime. We are confident about our services.

No Bidding. No Haggling. One Price. Pick A Plan Or Get Custom Pricing.

Saleslogy's Marketing & Platform Partners

At Saleslogy, we partner with global leading brands to bring the best & most cost effective results & solutions.


Let Us Help You To Grow Your Sales

Our agency services were designed to help small businesses with their online marketing needs. We will do it all for you. Let us show you how we can help you to grow your business, increase your sales & cash flow.
Our agency services start as low as $99.
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