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Coupon Marketing
Grow your sales with coupon marketing. It simply works.
Your Customer Needs Coupons To Save Money.
Grow Your Sales Using Coupon Marketing.
If you own a small business, and are trying to attract more customers & grow your sales,
we have two words for you - COUPON MARKETING!
Customers are always looking for coupons to save money. Coupon marketing always works.
Benefits Of Coupon Marketing

Coupons grab the consumer's attention and saves them money.

Coupon marketing has proven to be very beneficial to small businesses. It is extremely effective in growing sales & has led to higher conversion ratios.

Benefits Of Coupon Marketing To Businesses
  • Increase sales

  • Attract new customers

  • Keep existing customers

  • Bring repeat customers

  • Move inventory fast

  • Cost effective for any size of business

  • Digital coupon is accessible via any smart device

  • Save money - NO printing paper coupon

  • Save money - NO mailing coupons

  • Reach customers online and via mobile devices

  • Much more targeted approach

  • Lower marketing cost / Higher return

  • Easy to use

  • Our validation system shields from fraud

  • Multiple distribution channels 

  • Local and global reach

  • Online and Offline solution

  • And much more...

Benefits Of Coupon Marketing To Consumers
  • They save money

  • Buy what they want at a lower price

  • No need to worry about paper cuttings

  • Easy to use Digital coupons

  • Compatible with most e-wallets

  • Always handy

  • Multi-device compatible

  • No need to carry paper coupons 

  • And much more...

Benefits Of Coupon Marketing
Sell & Accept Payments Via Coupons
Use digital coupons to sell in real time and accept payment via coupon. Integrate payment to sell or to collect donation with our simple integration feature with PayPal and Stripe.
Capture Social Leads & Information
Capture social information by having your customer sign in or signup via social media account. By doing this you are capturing the social lead and building your opt-in data base for marketing.
Grow Your Sales Using Coupon Marketing
By running coupon marketing campaigns, you are able to remain in front of your prospects and customers, and are able to pull the trigger when they find a good deal sent from you via coupon. Such campaigns result in higher conversion and increase in sales.
Generate Traffic & Leads Using Coupons
Coupons are a great way for online and offline stores to generate traffic and increase in conversion using coupon marketing strategy. Customers are looking for a reason to buy from you & coupon does the magic.
Leads Generation Using Digital Coupons
Capture leads and turn those leads into customers.“Find” the visitor by being available in the right place, at the right time. Promote coupon via search, social media and more to find new leads.
Integrate Your Coupons Into Mobile Wallet
Who uses paper coupons anymore now? Our digital coupons can be integrated into the mobile wallet for coupons, tickets, promotions, gift cards & loyalty cards into Apple Wallet & Google Wallet. People don't carry paper anymore. They carry the cell phones, & your coupons are always with them. This can translate into higher sales & revenue.
Coupon Marketing & Distribution Via Various Marketing Channels Such As:
Reach your target audience they way they like, at the right time.
Channels offered for coupon marketing are:
 Email Marketing
 SMS Marketing
 Smart Link
 Online Search
 Mobile Apps
 Online Ads
 NFC Tags & iBeacon
Coupon Marketing For A Single Or Multiple Locations 
Whether you have a single small retail business or an online store or a franchise business. Design, distribute and manage your digital coupons from a single dashboard with a single login. Everything in one place.
Unlimited Potential - Dedicated Account Manager
Coupon marketing in conjunction with other marketing strategies can open up the unlimited potential to grow your sales & business. Use our agency services to assist you with your marketing needs.
Why Choose Saleslogy For
Coupon Marketing
Dedicated Account Manager

At Saleslogy, you will be working with a dedicated account manager at all times.

Local Area Coupons Targeting

Need new customers? We can use targeted coupon marketing to secure new customers.

Real-Time Marketing Dashboard

You will be provided your own personal coupon marketing dashboard for real-time results.

Customized Web For Higher Conversion

We will custom design your website & landing pages for maximum leads generation.

Coupon Leads Optimization 

As the marketing process progress, we optimize your campaign for best results.

Multi-Channel Coupon Distribution

We use multi-channel coupon distribution marketing strategy to run higher impact campaign.

No Contract.
Cancel Anytime.

We are confident about our service. No contract.

Cancel anytime.

Scale As You Grow

Feel free to adjust your campaigns, needs and requirements as you grow.

Manage Your Customers Database

Manage your customer database using our platform. Enjoy your dashboard.



Lets Check Out Some Coupons

Below,  test out the way your customers can receive a coupon & how it can look.

Scan The QR Code

To View The Coupon Sample

Saleslogy QR.png

Receive A Coupon On Your

Mobile Device

Text The Word:


To The Number:

214 225 4116

Sign up for a Free demo to see other types of coupons & to understand how coupon marketing can help you to get your leads, grow your sales & revenue.

Every consumer is craving for savings.

Coupon marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies to keep existing customers, bring back repeat customers & to get new customers.





31 Billion eCoupons will be redeemed worldwide by 2019
1.05 Billion Mobile Coupon Users Word Wide By 2019
More than 50% of US Population is expected to use coupons by 2016

We Offer Simple Pricing

For Digital Coupon Marketing

Today, business is all about user engagement, convenience and being there when needed. Our custom app designing prices are simple and affordable for anyone who desires to have an app.

Pricing Plans

Coupon Plus

Per Month, Starting As Low As


Plus $49 One Time Set Up Fees

Custom Designed Digital Coupon

Cloud-Based Coupon Hosting 

Responsive To Smart Devices

Sell Via Coupon

Multiple Coupon Distribution Channels


2 Monthly Campaigns

500 FREE SMS Credits Included


Coupon Distribution Channels:







Facebook Page Tab

Facebook Messenger





Dedicated Account Manager

Real-Time Analytics

Coupon Dashboard

Cloud-Based Storage

Coupon Validation System

No Contract


Buy additional SMS Credits

$0.10 Cents Per Credit

FREE DIY Email Marketing Account

(2000 Email Sends Per Month

Coupon Biz

Per Month Starting As Low As


Plus $95 One Time Set Up Fees

Custom Designed Digital Coupon

Cloud-Based Hosting

Responsive To Smart Devices

Sell Via Coupon

Multiple Coupon Distribution Channels

Cloud-Based Storage


5 Monthly Campaigns

1000 FREE SMS Credits Included

1 Landing Page



Premium Features:


Sell Via Coupon

Food Ordering Via Coupon

Collect Payments

Collect Reviews

Leads Generations

Sign in & Sign up Feature

Appointments, Booking & Reservations

Real Estate Features

Much More


Coupon Distribution Channels:





Facebook Page Tab

Facebook Messenger







PDF Format

QR Codes


Premium Distribution:


Smart Links

Single Use Codes

Survey Landing Pages

Google Tag Managers

Proximity Marketing




Dedicated Account Manager

Real-Time Analytics

Coupon Dashboard

Coupon Validation System

No Contract


Free DIY Email Marketing

(2000 Email Sends/Month)



Buy Additional SMS Credits:

$0.07 Cents Per Credit

Custom Plan

Get A Custom Quote

Contact Us

Don't find what you are looking for? Get a custom quote.

Custom plan based on your needs and requirements. Contact us today

for more details.


Features Include;


Custom designing to match your

website, app, branding etc.


Multi-Location Coupon Marketing Management


App Integration


Leads Generation


Discount On Hosting Plans




Phone Support


Email Support



Absolutely customized package based

on what we offer and receive a

multiple package discount.

Here Are Some Of The Industries We Work With.

Your Industry Not Here? Contact Us.

Auto & Body Shops
Electrician Services
Roofing Services
Cooling Services
Water & Fire Damage
General Contractors
Retail & Wholesale
Mechanics & Auto
Lock Smith & Services
Plumbing Services
Heating Services
Dental Services
Oil & Tire Services
Pest Control
Professional Services

Let Us Help You To Grow Your Sales

No time for marketing?  Our agency services were designed to help small businesses with their online marketing needs. We will do it all for you. Let us show you how we can help you to grow your business, increase your sales & cash flow. Our agency services start for as low as $99.
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