Display Advertising
Promote your business online with online display advertising
Have You Ever Seen Banner Ads When You Visit Websites? That's Display Advertising.
Display advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business online. If you are a small business that does not have enough marketing budget to run PPC Campaigns, then you need to sign up for online display advertising platform with Saleslogy. We will advertise your business in a very cost effective way.
People love to see colorful and creative ads. It gets their attention and helps to generate traffic to your website. It's great for those who would love to advertise online but have a very limited budget. Let us help you with the process.
Benefits Of Display Advertising
The secret sauce to success is being able to attract customers to your website using different traffic generation channels. One of them is  display advertising.  Display advertising is a visual ad that is shown online based on the criteria that you define. Since we buy ad inventory, we are able to resell at a lower rate.
Having a right display advertising strategy can help you to drive traffic to your site & convert.
Attract More Customers
Whether your goal is to bring new website visitors, increase your sales, increase your brand awareness or anything else, display advertising can help to generate traffic to your business - offline & online.
Display Ads In Multiple Formats
Display ads can be shown in various sizes and formats to reach mass audiences. It can be native ads, pop-under or dynamic etc. It is an effective way to serve the viewers.
Reach Highly Targeted Audience
In display advertising marketing, you have broad choices to deliver your  ads
Advertise Locally or Globally
We can target your ads based on your needs and criteria. We can even  drill down to countries, cities, zip codes etc...
Higher Conversion, Lower Cost
As your ads start performing, we closely monitor the campaigns, and make bid adjustments as needed, to get you the best bid price possible and higher savings and conversions.
Multi-Device Campaign - Reach Any Device
Display ads marketing is ideal since your targeted audience can be reached via any channel and options you prefer, such as desktop audience, laptop, smart devices, mobile etc.
We can even target your ads based on the browser being used.
Stay in Control Of Your Budget
We understand that marketing cost can add up and become expensive. With display advertising with Saleslogy, you can get started with low budget, highly effective campaigns & be able to scale as per response.
We Are A Global Ad Exchange
Saleslogy is a part of a global ad exchange platform. Being a part of a global ad exchange, it allows us and our clients to advertise on a global platform. It gives leverage to our clients to advertise anywhere, anytime using our ad exchange platform.  Since we are buying ad inventory in wholesale, we are able to supply to our clients at lower and a competitive pricing.
Display Ad Formats
We design & support multiple ad banners such as :
Mobile Devices & Apps
Desktop Banner Ads Sample
Why Choose Saleslogy For
Display Ad Marketing
Dedicated Account Manager

At Saleslogy, you will be working with a dedicated account manager at all times.

Targeted Display Ad

Your display ads would be targeted based on your defined targeted audience.

Real-Time Marketing Dashboard

You will have access to your own dashboard & report to gauge the success of campaign.

Multi-Device PPC Campaigns

Your display ad marketing campaign will be displayed on any device as per your choice.

Campaign Optimization

We will be monitoring your campaign during the period to make adjustments as needed.

Local & Global PPC Campaign Targeting

Using our ad exchange, you will be able to target your display ads not only locally but globally.

No Contract.
Cancel Anytime.

We are confident about our service. No contract.

Cancel anytime.

Scale As You Grow

Stay on budget and grow your budget as you feel comfortable & as per your needs.

Data-Oriented Ads Campaigns

Data gathered by running ad campaigns are used to design a better marketing campaign.

Here Are Some Of The Industries We Work With.

Your Industry Not Here? Contact Us.

Auto & Body Shops
Electrician Services
Roofing Services
Cooling Services
Water & Fire Damage
General Contractors
Retail & Wholesale
Mechanics & Auto
Lock Smith & Services
Plumbing Services
Heating Services
Dental Services
Oil & Tire Services
Pest Control
Professional Services

Display Ads Marketing Pricing

At Saleslogy, we offer simple, straightforward pricing plans. We can customize a plan that fits your need and budget. Get the proposal & check out our competitive pricing.

Pricing Plans

Display Ad Marketing


1000 Impressions Starting As Low As
Start advertising your business online using our display ad exchange platform starting as low as
$2 Per 1000 Impressions.

Display Ads


Per Month,Starting as low as
Display Banner Ad Designing
Display Ads Campaign Management​
Dedicated Account Manager
Campaign Reporting


Display Ads



Per Month,Starting as low as
Display Banner Ad Designing
Display Ads Campaign Management
Get Custom 3 Pages Website
2 Custom Landing Pages
2 Active Digital Coupon Campaigns
Dedicated Account Manager​


Will I be evicted if I cannot afford rent?

Under Oregon State Law, there was a ban on evictions for not paying rent until July 1, 2021 if you experienced a loss of income or increased expenses since our COVID-19 state of emergency began on March 16th, 2020. Landlords have been and can continue to evict for other reasons, such as selling the house, moving in, demolishing, repairing, and citing other lease violations. Now, landlords are again able to evict for no-cause reasons, non-payment reasons, and most all other causes banned by COVID-19 moratoriums. The main form of support for tenants who are behind on rent or utility payments is the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program. To apply, please visit https://www.oregonrentalassistance.org/ If you apply for rental assistance and show your landlord proof you applied before the start of eviction court proceedings they cannot evict you for 60 days. The state has also passed a law called SB-282A, which:

  1. Gives tenants until February 28, 2022 to repay back-rent.
  2. Requires that landlords give tenants at least 10 days before evicting for not paying until February 28, 2022.
  3. Aims to prevent tenants from being denied access to housing in the future by:
    • Prohibiting landlords from considering eviction records from the COVID period (April 2020 – February 2022) when screening applicants
    • Prohibiting credit reports for rent debt that has built up during the COVID period so that this does not negatively impact credit scores.
    • Prohibiting landlords from denying applicants based on not paying rent during the COVID period.
  4. Prohibits landlords from evicting tenants because they have provided temporary shelter to friends or family during the COVID period and prevent the use of guest visit limitations as a reason for eviction.
  5. Increases the amount that landlords have to pay tenants for retaliation claims to up to three months of rent or three times the cost of damages until February 28, 2022. This means that you can sue your landlord if they retaliate by increasing rent, decreasing services, serving an eviction notice, threatening eviction, or filing an eviction case after you:
    • Have made any good faith complaint to the landlord about the tenancy (such as the need for repair or a violation of the rental agreement);
    • Complain to certain code enforcement agencies;
    • Join or organize a tenants’ union;
    • Testify against the landlord in court;
    • Win in an eviction court case against your landlord within the last six months, unless the win was based on a technicality; or
    • Do something or say that you will do something to assert your rights as a tenant under any law
If this applies to you, please call Legal Aid Services of Oregon at (503) 224-4086 or call CAT’s Renters Rights Hotline at (503) -288-0130.

What assistance is there to help me pay rent?

In addition to the Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program, assistance is provided through a patchwork of government agencies and nonprofit organizations, but it is not enough and is not accessible to many communities, assistance is provided through a patchwork of government agencies and nonprofit organizations, but it is not enough and is not accessible to many communities. Below are a number of resources that we will continue to update as we receive more information but we cannot guarantee you will access the assistance you need or that the agencies and organizations below will be responsive to your needs. If you know of other assistance options you would like to add to this list please email joe@ecrcommunityprojects.org

If I get evicted and cannot find or afford housing, where can I go?

Currently, there are no guarantees that our houseless community members will find the temporary and permanent housing they need that is safe and dignified. Below are organizations that provide temporary shelters. If you know of housing options you would like to add to this list please email joe@ecrcommunityprojects.org

Who can I call or message that will help answer my questions?

If you are a tenant facing an eviction, experiencing landlord harassment, or have questions about your rights please:

  • Call the Community Alliance of Tenant’s Renters Rights Hotline (503-288-0130) between 1pm and 5pm on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays, or on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Contact Don’t Evict PDX via their online form and they will get back to you within 24 hours. If your situation is pressing and you need a faster response, send them a text at 503-482-4170

Display Banner Ads Samples

At Saleslogy, we make your ads creative. That attracts visitors and makes them click so you can get the traffic and enjoy some conversions.

Let Us Help You To Grow Your Sales

No time for marketing? Our agency services were designed to help small businesses with their online marketing needs. We will do it all for you. Let us show you how we can help you to grow your business, increase your sales & cash flow. Our agency services start for as low as $99.

Saleslogy.com is an online digital marketing agency helping small businesses with their online marketing needs. Our goal is to provide simple yet effective online marketing services to small businesses that can help them to attract more customers translating into higher sales.

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