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Leads Generation
Grow Your Business With Our Leads Generation Services
Getting sales leads has never been easier.
In order to grow your business, you need to keep adding new customers every day. At Saleslogy, we offer Leads Generation Services for local small businesses that are trying to reach prospects who are searching for the products/services. We connect you at the time when they are searching for you.
Click To Call Leads

We connect local businesses with local prospects when they are searching for your products & services.

Prospects usually make a call when they're ready to

make that purchase. It is easy to close the deal if

you are able to address their needs.


You only pay if you get the call. No call, no charge.

We run online search marketing campaign based on your needs.

Prospects search for you, find you online & take the action to call you.

Your phone rings. You take the call.

You close the deal.

Live Call Transfer

Live call transfer is one of the most cost-effective ways of closing more deals and getting the right customers. You are likely to close more deals if the leads are filtered & qualified by our agents before they are transferred to you.


We qualify the prospect before we transfer.

We run online search marketing campaign based on your needs.

Prospects search for you, find you online & take the action to call you.

Our agent answers the call, qualifies the lead and then transfer you the call to you.

You receive the filtered call and you close the deal. We only transfer qualified leads.

Benefits Of  Buying Leads
New customers are one of the essential elements in growing your business. You need a constant supply of new leads to keep your sales funnel loaded and juicy so you can close more deals &
grow your revenue and business.
At Saleslogy, we help small businesses to get new customers vital for any business growth.
Highly Targeted Leads
These leads generation campaigns are based on your niche, requirements and industry standards. We target our marketing campaigns to get the optimal output & conversions.
Cost Control
Since the leads are highly targeted, you will most likely receive prospects who are interested in your products and services. By buying direct leads, you have a  higher chance of closing, increasing your conversion, and cost control. Know the math before you invest.
Grow Your Sales
By buying leads who are more likely to convert, you are in control of closing the deal and growing your sales.
Exclusive Leads
Leads generated for you are only for you. It is exclusively yours.
We do not resell your leads to any other client.
Why Choose Saleslogy For
Leads Generation
Dedicated Account Manager

At Saleslogy, you will be working with a dedicated account manager at all times.

Local Area Leads Targeting

Leads campaigns are run based on the zip code, radius, industry, niche market, etc.

Leads Tracking Dashboard

You will be provided you own personal dashboard

to track your leads.

Customized Web For Higher Conversion

We will custom design your website & landing pages for maximum leads generation.

Leads Optimization Process

As the marketing process progresses, we optimize your campaign for best results.

Exclusive & Direct
Leads To You

You receive exclusive leads. Your leads are not sold to anyone else.

No Contract.
Cancel Anytime.

We are confident about our service. No contract.

Cancel anytime.

Scale As You Grow

Feel free to adjust your campaigns per your needs and requirements as you grow.

Only Pay Per Call.
No Call, No Pay.

Only pay for the calls you receive that are generated from our marketing campaign. 

Here Are Some Of The Industries We Work With.

Your Industry Not Here? Contact Us.

Auto & Body Shops
Electrician Services
Roofing Services
Cooling Services
Water & Fire Damage
General Contractors
Retail & Wholesale
Mechanics & Auto
Lock Smith & Services
Plumbing Services
Heating Services
Dental Services
Oil & Tire Services
Pest Control
Professional Services

We Offer Flexible Pricing Options

At Saleslogy, we offer simple, straightforward pricing plans. We can customize a plan that fits your needs and budget. Get the proposal & check out our competitive pricing.

Pricing Plans

Click To Call


Starting As Low As
Plus Per Lead Charge
Landing Page
Call  Tracking Dashboard
Leads Capture Form
Direct Call Connection
Local Free Tracking Number
Online SoftPhone
Exclusive Leads
Call Buffer
Real-Time Analytics Dashboard
Dedicated Support

Live Transfer


Per Month,Starting as low as
Plus Per Lead Charge
Landing Page
Call Tracking Dashboard
Only Qualified Calls Are Transferred
Local Free Tracking Number
Online Softphone
Exclusive Leads
Real-Time Analytics Dashboard
Dedicated Support

We Are A Google

AdWords Certified Agency

Let Us Help You To Grow Your Sales

No time for marketing? Let us do it for you. Our agency services were designed to help small businesses with their online marketing needs. We will do it all for you. Let us show you how we can help you to grow your business, increase your sales & cash flow. Our agency services start for as low as $99.
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