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Marketing Automation
Capture, Nurture & Close More Leads.
Capture, Nurture & Close More Sales
Saleslogy, being a part of, provides marketing automation platform to its clients who desire to grow their sales using marketing automation. Marketing automation can help you to close more sales.
Capture, Nurture & Close more sales using our marketing automation platform. Generating leads is one thing, closing & converting those leads, is another.We can help!
Why You Need Automation
Marketing automation is all about reaching the right audience at the right time at the right place.
Using marketing automation, we are able to target your potential leads with the right information, content, timing, and message. Capturing a lead is one thing but nurturing and converting those leads into a paying customer is another. 
Start closing more leads & increase your revenue using marketing automation.
Generate & Nurture Your Leads
By putting marketing automation at work for you, you will be able to generate leads and nurture them at various stages. Nurturing leads plays a very vital role in closing deals & converting those leads into customers.
Timing is Everything
Reaching the right audience at the right time is the name of the game. You have a higher chance to convert someone who is already in your sales funnel. Someone who just needs a push and motivation to get converted.
Reach Highly Targeted Audience
Build contact profiles and gain valuable insights with forms, landing pages, and website analytics. Every action that a contact takes is tracked and recorded, enabling you to connect with each potential customer through personalized messages based on their needs and interests. Personally targeted messages increase interaction and conversion.
Leads Nurturing For Local & Global Prospects
When it comes to online marketing & automation, we can set campaigns for you based on the geo zones, country, interest, niche &  other parameters.
Higher Conversion, Lower Cost
Our marketing automation platform does the heavy lifting of lead nurturing for you, which could translate into saving you manual hours and reducing your customer acquisition cost.
Multi-Device Campaign - Reach Any Device
Marketing automation campaigns can be set up for any device. Using multi-channel marketing platform, we are able to target your prospects in many different ways. By doing so, we are able to increase your potential of closing more leads and a juicier sales funnel.
Stay in Control Of Your Budget
Our goal is to make it as affordable as possible for any small business with a set marketing budget. Know your cost when you sign up. Straightforward pricing allows you to plan your next step & reduce your cost by knowing what works & what doesn't.
Decision-Based Marketing Automation
We design campaigns based on the data, information, and preferences provided by you. We set up decision-based marketing automation campaigns for the optimal output & conversion.
Multi-Channel Automation Campaign
We use multi-channel strategies in the marketing automation campaigns to attract more potential customers and to create a higher user engagement.
Capture, Nurture & Close More Leads With Marketing Automation
Your prospects do not make an instant decision. Educate & help them to convert with the right message, at the right time via right channel when they are ready. 
Wondering How Marketing Automation Works?
Signup Below & Check Out The Marketing Automation in Action!
Why Choose Saleslogy For
Marketing Automation
Dedicated Account Manager

At Saleslogy, you will be working with a dedicated account manager at all times.

Targeted Automation Marketing Campaign

We design& craft highly targeted marketing automation campaign for leads nurturing.

Real-Time Marketing Dashboard

Have access to your real-time marketing automation dashboard to monitor progress.

Multi-Device Campaigns

Our marketing automation campaigns for leads nurturing are cross device compatible.

Automation Optimization

We focus heavily on the performance to optimize your campaigns periodically for you.

Local & Global Campaign Targeting

Your marketing automation & sales funnel can be nurtured locally & globally.

No Contract.
Cancel Anytime.

We are confident about our service. No contract.

Cancel anytime.

Scale As You Grow

Stay on budget and grow your budget as you feel comfortable & as per your needs.

Data-Oriented  Campaigns

We use your campaign data to optimize your campaign to drive results & conversion.

Here Are Some Of The Industries We Work With.

Your Industry Not Here? Contact Us.

Auto & Body Shops
Electrician Services
Roofing Services
Cooling Services
Water & Fire Damage
General Contractors
Retail & Wholesale
Mechanics & Auto
Lock Smith & Services
Plumbing Services
Heating Services
Dental Services
Oil & Tire Services
Pest Control
Professional Services

We Offer Flexible Pricing Options

At Saleslogy, we offer simple, straightforward pricing plans. We can customize a plan that fits your need and budget. Get the proposal & check out our competitive pricing.

Pricing Plans

Startup Automation


Starting As Low As
2 Marketing Campaign Per Month
5000 Contacts Per Month
Social Media Integration
Repeating Triggers
Mobile Marketing
Import & Export
Campaign Tracking
Custom Even Driven Triggers
2 Custom Landing Pages
Lead Capture
Email Integration
Trigger Sequencing
Real-Time Reporting
Personal Dashboard
Visitors Tracking
Dedicated Account Manager

Leads Automation


Per Month,Starting as low as
40,000 Contacts Per Months
Custom Website (5 Pages)
5 Landing Pages
CRM Integrations (Salesforce etc)
SMS Marketing - Short Code
5 Marketing Campaigns Per Month
Dedicated IP Address
Social Media Integration
Repeating Triggers
Mobile Marketing
Import & Export
Campaign Tracking
Custom Even Driven Triggers
Lead Capture
Email Integration
Trigger Sequencing
Real-Time Reporting
Personal Dashboard
Visitors Tracking
Dedicated Account Manager

Custom Automation Plan

Looking for the right plan? Can't find it?

Contact us & we will custom design a plan for you.


We can integrate your marketing automation campaigns with various integration platforms to make your sales process simpler, easier & effective. Some of the integration platforms are below:

Let Us Help You To Grow Your Sales

No time for marketing? Our agency services were designed to help small businesses with their online marketing needs. We will do it all for you. Let us show you how we can help you to grow your business, increase your sales & cash flow. Our agency services start for as low as $99.
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